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picCath  •  Perth, Australia
Artista Creative Safari

Journey Highlights: There were so many, but without a doubt, finding my creative expression with acrylic paints – it was liberating and delightful. I astounded myself!

Recommend? Definitely – it was a safe, comfortable, and fun environment to explore, make mistakes, and try again. The Artista crew made the whole experience. They were relaxed, easy to be with, drama-free, and always put us guests first.

picMaureen  •  Boston, MA
Hibiscus Tours: Spanish Sojourn

Journey Highlights: The empowering feeling I got from taking the time to focus on my life…. I was truly inspired and motivated by the wonderful women on the trip. The staff is passionate about its purpose which is contagious and facilitates an open, honest and self discovering experience. Of course, the food, art, architecture and culture of Spain are amazing!

Recommend? I would recommend this trip without reservation!!! I can't wait to go on a Hibiscus trip again next year.

picMahlon  •  Dallas, TX
Las Olas Baja Surfing

Journey Highlights: The best part of the experience had to be the staff. They were all so supportive, smart and genuine. And, they are happy to work with you regardless of your fitness level or lack of expertise in the water.

Recommend? I would recommend this experience to every woman, and especially to any woman who has ever doubted herself. You come away with a renewed confidence, not to mention new friends.

picNadia   •  New York
St. George's Caye Resort

Journey Highlights: The diving was breathtaking. I have visited the resort twice before and they have had expanded since my last visit. This time, I was able to have a daily massage at the spa after the majority of my dives!

Recommend? I would definitely recommend St. George' fact I already have! I walked away from that trip feeling like I had a relaxing vacation, but more than that, feeling like I wanted to go back to visit the friends I'd made.

picMaureen   •  Edmonton, CAN
Bestway Tours & Safaris: India

Journey Highlights: We loved the Taj Mahal at sunset and the food everywhere we went was excellent. Each of the Taj hotels was unique. The service from all the hotels was great. You were always greeted with a genuine smile.

Recommend? We loved the entire trip and cannot say enough about the service and professionalism of Bestway Tours and their associates in India. I hope to return and see more of this fabulous destination, and definitely would choose Bestway Tours.

picJennifer • Lexington, MA
The Sugar and Spice Ranch

Journey Highlights: Perhaps the most significant highlight is seeing one's daughter with a new perspective: watching her working on new skills, calling on strengths she didn't know she had, and then sharing all of that with her as a partner and not just as a mother. The same is probably also true for the daughters; they get to watch the moms try new things and attempt new challenges. I also find being with the horses important. This is really the only opportunity I have to be fully physically connected with a large animal and there is something powerful in that.

Recommend? Absolutely!

picJanet   •  Claremont, CA
Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb

Journey Highlights: Reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, 19,340 ft. elevation, was definitely a highlight and personal achievement at age 65. The beauty and uniqueness of each of the climate zones, observing the personal growth of fellow trekkers as they gained altitude on their own strength and effort… and the marvelous animal safari after the climb were also definite highlights.

Recommend?  Yes, definitely. It is the experience of a lifetime - safe, fun, personally challenging, and inspiring.

picCrisandra   •  San Helena
Artista En Cera Encaustic

Journey Highlights: My highlight of the Safari would be achieving that "yes, I can do it" feeling. I enjoyed accomplishing something I did not know was possible.

Recommend? Yes, definitely. The program colorizes your world in a certain way. Helps you look at the world with an artistic eye. No matter what place you are in you life, there is something for everyone here. Whether it is the art or something else, the whole Safari experience brings out the best in you!

picKim   •  Cypress, CA
Artista En Cera

Journey Highlights: The highlight for me was going to the encaustic art show and seeing so many of the techniques that we had just learned displayed in the artwork. It was so cool to see art as something achievable and not just for “artists”.

Recommend? I would recommend this experience to everyone. It was so freeing to my soul!


Suzy Said
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