8 Reasons to Get Away '08

1. It’ll be 2009 before you know it. Time flies. Why don't you?

2. Had enough holiday madness? Then treat yourself to what you really want- an escape.

3. 2009 is the Year of the Rat. Why not sit out this rat race and relax?

4. Sometimes less is more, even when it comes to family. A happy wife means a happy life. Take a bit of time for yourself.

5. After all the sweets, cocktails, and stress, might you be craving something healthy? An adventure that recharges spirit and body may be just what the doctor ordered.

6. If you time your vacation just right, you might just avoid Spring Cleaning.

7. You can finish that ____________ (insert: novel, romance, project, etc.) you started last year.

8. It will all be waiting when you get back.

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Mediterranean Kitchens      •     Cultural Trip to Cambodia & Viet Nam     
Las Olas Baja Sur Surf Safari      •       Impresia Printmaking in Carmel-by-the-Sea


las verdes golfMediterranean Kitchens

Travel with the experts at Mediterranean Kitchens and stay in a magnificent fourteenth-century Moroccan palace. During your week in Morocco, Chef Lachen Beqqi will lead you through the local souks, where ingredients are chosen for cooking lessons. In addition to learning to prepare Moroccan dishes, you’ll also absorb Moroccan culture during several guided visits to fascinating sites like historic landmarks, medinas, palaces and mosques. This trip is sure to make a lasting impression on both your palate and your memory.

"What a wonderful opportunity to experience total Moroccan immersion! Exploring the natural and cultural highlights while enjoying the local cuisine was a perfect combination."
Linda, Ottawa, Canada

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las verdes golfCultural Trip to Cambodia and Viet Nam

Women’s World Travel encourages women to live their dreams, and they have crafted a trip that will inspire dreams of Asia. This peaceful journey includes unforgettable activities like sleeping aboard a traditional junk boat on the emerald Hanoi Bay, a guided trek through the world-famous Ankor Wat Temple, an afternoon bike-ride past rice paddies to a secluded village in the Danang countryside, and a visit to the Forbidden Purple City. After twelve days with Women’s World Travel in Cambodia and Viet Nam, your reveries will take on a distinctly Asian flavor.

“I loved it. It was truly an amazing experience." - Nancy, California

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las verdes golfLas Olas Baja Sur Surf Safari

The world’s premier surf safari for women invites you to learn to surf in the warm, gentle waters of Mexico this summer. Your charming boutique hotel is situated in a lush pueblo that values fresh food, art, hospitality and great waves. Enjoy surfing a beginner friendly surfbreak in the company of new friends, exploring a charming Mexican town, and tasting succulent local dishes – all in a relaxed, laughter-filled environment. The staff at Las Olas is committed to ensuring that the rhythm of your trip is as seamless and soothing and as the rhythm of the waves.

“My favorite aspect of this trip... WE CAME AS WOMEN, WE LEFT AS GIRLS!”-Judy, Long Beach, CA

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las verdes golfImpresia Printmaking in Carmel-by-the-Sea

Let veteran artist and instructor William Harsh inspire your inner artist as he teaches you and your new friends about the versatile art of monotype printmaking. Impresia provides your printmaking materials and tools, as well as plenty of fruits, chocolates, and chardonnay. Between sessions at Impresia’s private studio, you can explore the fine eateries, superior shops, numerous galleries, and remarkable beaches that Carmel-by-the-Sea offers. The studio crew will happily help package your finished works for the journey home, where your creations will remind you of the rewards that come from expressing your creativity.

"I would recommend this experience to everyone. It was so freeing to my soul! I cried on the plane home because I didn’t want to lose the belief that I can create something meaningful, and I might still have something interesting to say that others might want to hear. I felt empowered."
Kim, Cypress CA

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