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Jennifer MaherAbout Jennifer

Jennifer's Journey was inspired by my sister, Jennifer Maher.

The years I spent with Jen were too few. She was born when I was 13 years old.
Being an only girl with two brothers, I was thrilled to have a little sister.

When I left our hometown in Massachusetts six years later, I remember her big, blue eyes
welling up with tears as she saw her big sister leaving to begin her adult life. Our relationship became
long distance, yet it was punctuated with loving sister letters, phone calls, and visits.

Jen grew up to become the devoted mother of three children living in Cape Cod, while I became a devoted businesswoman in California. Our lives on opposite coasts kept us busy. Although we didn't see each other as much as we'd like, we often talked about how we'd travel together someday, never thinking for a moment that it wouldn't happen. It didn't.

In 2004, Jen was diagnosed with cancer. Supported by loving family and friends, she spent the next three years battling the disease, even continuing to use her passion as an athlete to raise money for the cause. The day before she passed, we lamented our lost opportunity and the fact that we hadn't made the time to travel together. "We would have had fun," we said.

Jen MaherOne thing Jen taught me is that today is for living your dreams, not tomorrow.

Life is mysterious, and since her passing, the "signs" Jen promised to send, have shown me
that life is a journey, perhaps one that never ends.

"To my beautiful and precious little sister, I promise Jennifer's Journey continues."
—Bev Sanders, Founder, Jennifer's Journey

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