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Jennifer's Journey is a contemporary website showcasing the best in women's travel and lifestyle. Jennifer's Journey inspires, supports, informs, and encourages women to take time out. We welcome a variety of select women's travel opportunities.

Jennifer’s Journey is the creation of Manifesta Safaris, a company with over ten years of success in providing women’s specialty travel. With over 15,000 active subscribers and millions of targeted leads through our partner alliances, J.Jill and Athleta, Jennifer’s Journey is sure to expand your market to women who travel.

Since 1997, Manifesta Safaris has maintained top search engine ranking and prominent media placement including, O, the Oprah Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Time, Shape, Elle, Spa, Self, Body + Soul, Conde Nast Traveler, and more.

What do our clients say about Jennifer's Journey?

  • "Jennifer's Journey seems to be working out well for us. It remains one of the top contributing websites for traffic to ours."
    -Margot Rutigliano, of Vita Vie Retreat

  • "I'd love to list a second trip - and perhaps more. I'm really happy with the response I've received."
    - Lindan Toole, of Mediterranean Kitchens Cooking Vacations

  • "You guys are the BEST." 
    - Colleen Cannon, of Women's Quest

  • "You and your art team have done a phenomenal job and I'm thrilled to be working with you."
    - Godwin Selembo, of Serengeti Expedition

Specific demographics and additional information available upon request.   Journey Listing Prices        Banner Ad Prices

JOURNEY LISTINGS: Please choose from the following three packages. The longer the trip, the bigger the benefits.

WEEKEND     $188 HOLIDAY     $388 JOURNEY    $588

3 Month Listing @$58/month: $174
Homepage (1 month): $100
= Total Value: $274

6 Month Listing @ $48/mo: $288
Newsletter (1 inclusion): $100     
Homepage (1 month): $100  
Banner (6 months): $200

= Total Value: $688

12 Month Listing @ $38/month: $456
Newsletter (1 inclusion): $100     
Homepage (1 month): $100  
Final Boarding Call (3 months): $100  
Banner (one year): $400

= Total Value: $1,256

a la carte Inclusion Prices  :  
Newsletter      1 inclusion $100
Homepage      1 Month $100 
Final Boarding Call      3 months $100  


Increase your visibility with banners that link directly to your website. Any approved banner is welcome on Jennifer's Journey, including those created by registered Journey Makers and those created by other companies. See samples below.

Tall Banner 3 months $100 155 x 405 pixels
Headline Banner 3 months $150 760 x 100 pixels
Petite Banner 3 months $75 155 x 200
Tall Banner / Newsletter 1 inclusion in newsletter $100 155 x 405
Petite Banner in Newsletter
1 inclusion in newsletter
155 x 200

Click here to see a sample newsletter with banners.  Email us to reserve your space now. Positioning subject to availability.


No time for design?  Let us create an outstanding banner for you! Call or email us for details. 831.620.0470.

Click here to see our Journeys page, which features our Journey Directory and Destination Directory. Banners may appear on any available page from either directory, as well as our Journeys, Been There, Final Boarding Call, Newsletter Archive, and Discovery pages. See below for sample banner sizes.


Tall Banner 155 x 405

Petite Banner 155 x 200

Tall Banner 155 x 405

Tall Banner 155 x 405


Headline Banner  760 x 100


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